Hands-on, engineer-focused training from the creators of the service mesh

Buoyant's Service Mesh Academy is your one-stop shop for learning about Linkerd, the CNCF-graduated service mesh for Kubernetes. Whether you're a DevOps engineer, SRE, or architect, our hands-on workshops and self-paced courses will provide you with a solid foundation for starting or leveling up your service mesh journey.

Monthly live workshops

NEXT WORKSHOP on May 18th: Circuit Breakers and Dynamic Request Routing Deep Dive

Aug 15
Metrics, Dashboards, and Charts, oh my!

Self-paced courses

Get Service Mesh-Certified with Buoyant's Service Mesh Academy self-paced course Service Mesh 101.

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On-demand Workshops

These monthly live workshops provide hands-on training on Linkerd and related CNCF projects. From setting up mTLS, to securing multi-cluster communication, to fine-grained network policy, you'll learn everything you need for successfully running a service mesh in production.