Case Studies

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Scheduling 68,000 COVID Tests with Linkerd

With Linkerd, we get a lot of capabilities with a lot less complexity. mTLS and free retries are great, but the real benefit we got, was observability. 


Service Mesh at Scale: How Xbox Cloud Gaming Secures 22,000 Pods with Linkerd

We have offloaded the time and effort needed to develop and maintain the in-house mTLS solution, saving valuable engineering hours.


Operating high-density bare-metal clusters in the highly regulated financial industry

It was a huge undertaking — especially considering our tight deadline of five months! To our surprise, the mTLS aspect was fairly easy


How Bink built a fault-tolerant app stack on a dynamic foundation

As soon as we started experimenting with Linkerd in our non-production clusters, network faults caused by the underpinning Azure instabilities dropped significantly


How Linkerd improved Salt's platform efficiency, reliability, performance within one week

We started with Linkerd and it turned out to be so easy to get started that we gave up on evaluating the other two — we loved it from the get-go


Realizing 10x Throughput While Driving Down Costs, with Linkerd

Because of Linkerd, we’ve been able to easily increase the platform capacity by over 10x, reduce operating costs, and better hit our availability targets


How a $4 billion retail giant built an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform powered by Linkerd

We desperately needed insights into what was happening in the cluster and the new microservices architecture. Without the observability that Linkerd gave us


Achieve Regulatory Compliance, Strengthen Security and Improve DevSecOps Productivity

The Linkerd service mesh is such an integral part of our environment that I can’t imagine how we’d operate without it. With a small team, we are managing about 2,000 sidecar


Scale Global Ecommerce Infrastructure and Safeguard Customer PPI

We rely on Linkerd to help keep customer PPI confidential. If you want TLS, Linkerd takes care of it within the cluster automatically


Paybase: Simplify Operations and Improve Observability with a Lightweight Service Mesh

We have been very happy with the results of installing Linkerd. It alleviates a lot of headaches and takes a minimal amount of management time


Rapidly Triage Performance Issues to Deliver a Real-time Gaming Experience

With the real-time nature of our platform, low latency is a critical factor for us. Linkerd helps our team do rapid triage


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