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Visibility and control across your entire stack

Buoyant builds open source software to help companies run their infrastructure safely, securely, and reliably.

The Linkerd Service Mesh

Buoyant builds Linkerd: the open source service mesh for cloud native applications, used in production by companies around the globe to add reliability, flexibility, and security to their software stack.

Recent posts from the Buoyant blog

The Consolidated Kubernetes Service Mesh Linkerd Config

A Service Mesh for Kubernetes Since October 2016, we’ve provided the popular “A Service Mesh for Kubernetes” series of blog posts, highlighting major features of…

Using Linkerd with Kubernetes RBAC

If you're running Kubernetes 1.6 or later, you can optionally make use of Kubernetes' new support for RBAC (role-based access control), which allows you to restrict who can access the Kubernetes API on the cluster and what they can do with it. However, when upgrading to an RBAC-enabled cluster you can run into issues, as many Kubernetes examples and do not take into account the fact that certain API calls may be restricted. In this post, we’ll show you how to use Linkerd, our open source service mesh for cloud-native applications, with RBAC-enabled Kubernetes clusters.

The Service Mesh

Global Visibility Across Your Entire Application

Get uniform top-line metrics across all your services, regardless of where they’re deployed or what language they’re written in.

Merge Infrastructure With Ease

Seamlessly integrate Kubernetes, Mesos, Consul, and more into your existing tech stack.

Add Production Grade Reliability For the Cloud Environment

Load balancing, circuit breaking, failure handling, and more, automatically across your application.

Secure Your Stack

Apply uniform security policy and governance across your datacenter, even for the most modern applications.