Enterprise support for Linkerd, from the creators of the project.

24x7 oncall, training, architectural review, production runbooks, and more, straight from the creators of the service mesh. Our enterprise-grade distribution of Linkerd comes with enterprise-grade support to derisk your service mesh deployment and meet any support needs that might arise.

Why Buoyant?


We created Linkerd

Buoyant is the creator and primary maintainer of Linkerd. We understand the ins and outs of the project. We’re the ones writing the code and fixing the bugs.


We run Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd ourselves

We’re not just the creators of Linkerd, we’re operators. We runand our team of SREs and platform owners works in close collaboration with our field engineering and support organizations.


We literally invented the service mesh

We coined the term "service mesh" when we launched Linkerd, the very first service mesh project, in 2016. Our focus on simplicity, reliability, and security, and our vision of how cloud native applications should work, has spawned an entire industry and ecosystem.


We've helped companies around the world operate Linkerd

We’ve been working with organizations small and large around the world for years and helping them adopt Linkerd and run it in production. No one else has the depth and breadth of experience with real-life service mesh production operations.


We'll make your life simple

We fight every day on behalf of our customers against the needless complexity introduced by other service mesh projects. Our goal is to help our customers solve the very real and concrete challenges in running cloud native applications—and we’d love to help you get there.