Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd

BEL is Buoyant's production-ready distribution of Linkerd, the world's most advanced service mesh. Fully hardened and designed for sustained production use.

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FIPS-140-2 Compliance


Kubernetes at the Edge


Zero Trust Security

Auditable zero trust

Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd provides a complete zero-trust layer of network security and access control built on industry standards such as mutual TLS, the Gateway API, and the memory-safe Rust language. Say goodbye to IP-based access control, perimeter firewalls, and buffer overflow exploits. Say hello to workload identity, end-to-end encryption for all customer data, and ultra-fine-grained security boundaries.

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Ultra-high availability

Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd adds dynamic traffic management and control features designed for the realities of modern software applications. Remove single points of failure, dynamically redistribute application traffic in response to failure at any level, and much, much more. BEL's fully distributed, Rust-based dataplane capable of handling everything from HTTP/2 and gRPC traffic down to raw TCP streams while withstanding network partitions, machine outages, failures of clusters, zones, and regions, and anything else you can throw its way.

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no bad endpoints

Network optimization and cost savings

Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd can optimize not just latency but network spend, ensuring your dollars are spent on business priorities first. Decommission expensive application load balancers, automatically reduce cross-zone network spend with intelligent load balancing, and more. BEL's highly-available zone-aware routing preserves zone locality, reduces latency, and automatically cuts unnecessary cloud spend on traffic between availability zones.

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A production-ready distribution of Linkerd

Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd is the production-ready distribution of the Linkerd service mesh. It's the distribution of Linkerd that we run in our own production systems, and contains the tools and additional features necessary for sustained production use.

no bad endpoints