Plans and Pricing

The best way to run Linkerd in mission-critical environments


50 workloads
2 clusters
7-day data retention
Community support for Linkerd


150 workloads
5 clusters
14-day data retention
Private support for Linkerd
$100 / month


550 workloads
10 clusters
30-day data retention
Private, 8x5 support for Linkerd
$1,000 / month


Unlimited workloads
Unlimited clusters
Custom data retention
Private, 24x7x365 oncall support for Linkerd

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Linkerd cluster 2.8 or later can be connected to Buoyant Cloud. Just click the “Getting Started” button above! Or, install the Buoyant Linkerd extension and follow the instructions.

No, the Buoyant Cloud agent is purely additive and does not affect your existing Linkerd deployment. (Other than making it easier to operate, of course!)

Any Kubernetes resource that represents one or more Pods is a workload, including Deployments, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, and ReplicaSets. Workloads in the kube-system and linkerd namespaces do not count against your plan.

Yes! Plans can be upgraded (and downgraded) at any point.

Don’t worry. You can add additional workloads to any plan for an additional fee.

Buoyant Cloud gives you direct access to the Linkerd experts at Buoyant, the creators of Linkerd! We’ve been helping organizations around the world successfully run Linkerd in production for many years, and with Buoyant Cloud, that expertise is now available to you.

Private support means that you have a dedicated support channel with Buoyant. This makes it easy to share logs or sensitive information without exposing it to the public, and gives you prioritized support.

8x5 support means during business hours (9am to 5pm), five days a week. These hours are local to your timezone.

Need help with plans and pricing?

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