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Our mission

Buoyant's mission is to create a world where people can trust the technology they rely on, by giving everyone the power to build innovative, reliable, and secure software.

Our story

Buoyant was founded by William Morgan and Oliver Gould in 2015. Buoyant pioneered the service mesh category with Linkerd, the fastest, lightest service mesh for Kubernetes. Today, Linkerd and Buoyant Cloud power critical production infrastructure for leading organizations around the world.

February 2015


February 2016

Linkerd released

September 2016

Coined "service mesh" term. First Linkerd production users

January 2017

Linkerd becomes 5th CNCF project

April 2017

Linkerd 1.0

December 2017

Introduced first Rust proxy release

April 2018

Linkerd becomes CNCF incubating project

September 2018

Announced Linkerd 2.0

December 2018

Linkerd adds per-route metrics

April 2019

Linkerd adds mTLS

October 2019

Linkerd adds distributed tracing

June 2020

Linkerd adds multi-cluster support

November 2020

Linkerd adds ARM support

March 2021

Linkerd adds extensions. Buoyant Cloud in early access

June 2021

Buoyant Cloud public beta

July 2021

Linkerd graduated CNCF


Tracxn Emerging Startups of IT Opertions

Tracxn Emerging Startups of IT Opertions, 2021

Tracxn Emerging Startups provides a handpicked selection of high growth and high potential companies, founded since 2013, that are making an impact in the new-age sectors. The shortlisting is based on a combination of multiple publicly available signals and detailed analysis of the company by our internal sector specialist teams.

Digital Innovator Award

Digital Innovator Award, 2021

Intellyx is an analyst firm focused on enterprise digital transformation and the vendors that support it. Its Digital Innovator Award recognizes organizations that are the most disruptive and innovative firms in their space.

Tech Ascension Award

Tech Ascension Award, 2021

The Tech Ascension Awards recognizes the very best innovations in B2C and B2B technology, judging applicants based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research (analyst reports, media coverage, customer case studies), hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators.

IDC Innovators: Service Mesh

IDC Innovators: Service Mesh, 2020

IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue <$100 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology — or both. In 2020, the IDC Innovators study profiled Buoyant among other service mesh companies.

Gartner cool vendor award

Gartner cool vendor award, 2018

Digital business transformation demands new approaches to building distributed architectures and making diverse systems work together. This report features three Cool Vendors with innovative offerings for application leaders responsible for architecture, infrastructure, and integration.

Case Studies


Realizing 10x Throughput While Driving Down Costs, with Linkerd

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A $4 billion retail giant built Kubernetes platform powered by Linkerd

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finleap connect

Achieve Regulatory Compliance, Strengthen Security, Improve DevSecOps

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Nordstrom: Scale Global Ecommerce Infrastructure, Safeguard Customer PPI

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Paybase: Simplify Operations, Improve Observability with a Service Mesh

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Rapidly Triage Performance Issues to Deliver a Real-time Gaming Experience

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  • Founder Portrait

    William Morgan is the CEO of Buoyant. Prior to founding Buoyant, he was an infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he ran several teams building on product-facing backend infrastructure. He has worked at Powerset, Microsoft, adap.tv, and MITRE Corp, and has been contributing to open source for over 20 years.

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  • Founder Portrait

    Oliver Gould is the CTO of Buoyant, where he leads open source development efforts. Prior to founding Buoyant, he was a staff infrastructure engineer at Twitter, and the tech lead of the Observability, Traffic, and Configuration and Coordination teams.

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