The global platform health dashboard for Linkerd

Instantly track service metrics and code rollouts, build SLOs, and capture service dependencies across every Kubernetes cluster. Buoyant Cloud transforms any Linkerd deployment into a fully-automated, team-wide, global platform health dashboard.


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Workload Detail

Instantly track service metrics and code rollouts

Your clusters aren't static. Your monitoring shouldn't be either. Automatically track service health, capture all changes to workloads, and build global views to rapidly identify hotspots and catch regressions before they become full-blown outages.

  • Track workload metrics and get instant measures of service health
  • Record all changes to production no matter who made them
  • Get a shareable single pane of glass for all services, dependencies, versions, and rollouts
Take an SLO-first approach

Take an SLO-first approach to reliability

Getting metrics is one thing—turning them into actionable insights is another. Instantly create SLOs for your services and use them to track service health. Eliminate the blame game, establish accountability, and sleep better at night.

  • Set up uniform SLOs with the click of a button
  • Correlate changes in service health with rollouts
  • Use error budget projections to identify at-risk services
Monitor service mesh health

Automatically monitor service mesh health

Linkerd is easy, but it can be even easier. Validate mesh health, identify potential pain points, and rest easy at night knowing that Buoyant Cloud is keeping an eye on things.

  • Automatically track control plane and proxy health
  • Monitor and report Linkerd best practices
  • Provide a global, cross-cluster view of Linkerd's health and behavior