Why the future of the cloud will be built on Rust

June 16, 2021

In his Cloud Native Rust Day talk, Oliver Gould, creator of Linkerd, argues that the future of cloud software and the cloud native ecosystem will be tied to the Rust programming language. Linkerd was the first CNCF project to incorporate Rust and a major driver of the early Rust networking ecosystem.

Oliver asserts that soon Rust will be the or at least one of the lingua francas of the future ecosystem, despite Go’s current status as such in the ecosystem. He draws parallels between the constraints of cloud environments, the core principles of the cloud native ecosystem, and the principles of Rust itself, grounded in concrete examples from Linkerd’s Rust proxy and other projects. Lastly, he outlines a roadmap for the future of Rust in the cloud native world, as captured by the CNCF ecosystem and beyond.