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How ZeroFlucs secured GRPC on Kubernetes with mTLS Identities, Using Linkerd and Go

This blog post was originally published on the ZeroFlucs blog.

At ZeroFlucs we operate in a challenging world: our applications form part of the chain of trust that controls pricing for sportsbook operators, and as such we live with a target on our backs. At the same time, we run a modern stack — taking full advantage of micro-services, and we want to benefit from all the advantages that brings when building our applications to be scalable, modern and flexible to meet future requirements.

Trust and identity are important to us — they’re part of the secret sauce, especially as our environment grows more complex. We operate hundreds of services, with a small team and need to do so in a way that’s not just effective, but practical. This is especially true in a multi-tenant environment, such as our SaaS offering.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways we secure our application — and how we’re leveraging Linkerd, the service mesh from Buoyant. The pincers of its mascot Linky just scream security.

Linkerd and the Data-Plane

At ZeroFlucs we are massive proponents of Linkerd, the CNCF service mesh. In fact, you can regularly find our founder Steve Gray involved with the Linkerd community — often lending other intrepid Linkerd users a hand to get started. the full blog post here.

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