Why And How We Integrated Prometheus With Linkerd 2

December 11, 2018

Prometheus is an open-source tool used to record real-time metrics in a time series database. Linkerd 2.0 integrates Prometheus directly, so that users can instantly observe live service behavior from the command-line and access rich service-level metrics with zero configuration upon installation.

In this talk, open source software engineers Andrew Seigner from Linkerd and Frederic Branczyk from Prometheus provide a useful overview of each project and share how the Prometheus integration scrapes metrics from every Linkerd proxy to give users access to lots of very useful metrics. The talk concludes with Andrew showing a demo of the linkerd CLI tool installing Linkerd onto a Kubernetes cluster, injecting Linkerd into the existing microservices based application, and a dashboard view of the service route “golden” metrics (success rate, requests/second, and latency).