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May 23

During this session, Björn Wenzel, Head of DevOps Platform at DB Schenker, will share how they migrated multiple microservices from one cloud to another.

May 22

In our quest to improve the security of our service mesh, eBPF seems like a logical solution. In particular, a per-host proxy which would eliminate the need for a sidecar as a part of our service mesh implementation.

May 17

In this talk, Maria Rojas, platform engineer at Pento, will share why this automated payroll company needed a service mesh that gets the job done without adding complexity.

May 12

The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) manages one third of Norway's annual state budget through its various welfare schemes.

May 10

Finding the right observability solution can be tough, especially in the context of diverse multi-cluster or even multi-cloud ecosystems.

May 8

Adopting any open-source project comes with a cost – but that doesn’t mean that a vendor offering is the best way to reduce that cost!

May 2

During his KubeCon Amsterdam 2023 project update, William Morgan, CEO at Buoyant, shares what's new with the Linkerd service mesh.

Apr 10

Zero trust requires checking every access, every time, and a service mesh is the perfect tool to make that happen everywhere within the cluster running a cloud-native application.

Apr 6

Flynn, Technical Evangelist at Buoyant, gives us the scoop on what makes Linkerd unique within the service mesh space, and talks about what he sees as important needs in the open source projects he’s involved with.

Mar 27

Service meshes, like Linkerd, address a core challenge faced by engineers building modern "cloud native" applications today: adding and maintaining critical security, reliability, and observability features to their microservices applications without changing any code.