Get started with Linkerd and Buoyant Cloud on Azure Linux

Deploy a simple, uniform, and transparent service mesh on your Mariner Kubernetes cluster in minutes. Built on open source but designed for the enterprise.


Zero-trust security and mutual TLS
Every Azure Linux AKS workload in a Linkerd mesh benefits from strong encryption and authentication via mutual TLS, with no application changes and zero configuration. Additionally, Linkerd’s powerful, fine-grained L7 authorization controls allow for flexible policy enforcement across the entire application.


A comprehensive approach to application reliability
Linkerd provides observability for every workload in the mesh, making it easy to track down errors wherever they happen, and advanced reliability features like request-level load balancing, automatic retries, and circuit breaking to dramatically improve the overall availability of Kubernetes-based applications..


Best-in-class operational simplicity
Unlike many competing service meshes, installing Linkerd is straightforward and painless: having a proof of concept running with Linkerd is usually a matter of minutes rather than days. Linkerd is also far and away the simplest mesh to operate: even advanced production users don’t need full-time staff dedicated to its care.

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