Next-generation network security and compliance for Kubernetes

With Linkerd, every Kubernetes pod gets its own security boundary, complete with mutual TLS, strong authorization, zero trust security, and more. Built on open source, written in publicly-audited Rust, and fully monitored and auditable.


True zero trust

Authorize everywhere, every time. With Linkerd, every single pod on your cluster gets its own security boundary complete with encryption, authentication, and authorization, all without changing a line of code.

Linkerd kubernetes pod

Kubernetes pod with Linkerd

standard kubernetes pod

Kubernetes pod without Linkerd

Cryptographic workload identity and drop-in mutual TLS

Forget about IP addresses. Linkerd assigns each workload a cryptographically secure workload identity which is authenticated on every network connection, using short-lived X.509 certificates that Linkerd automatically rotates.


Fully auditable and monitored

Buoyant Cloud's comprehensive monitoring, auditing, and reporting capabilities build on Linkerd to make it trivial to understand your network security posture, get alerts when something unexpected happens, provide clear reporting to stakeholders across the organization.

security tool screenshot

Bring your Kubernetes platform into the world of modern network security and compliance.

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