The Linkerd Enthusiast’s Guide to Kubecon NA 2018

The Linkerd Enthusiast’s Guide to Kubecon

Linkerd will be in full force at this year’s KubeCon + Cloud NativeCon NA in Seattle. This will be the biggest KubeCon + CloudNativeCon to date with more than 7,000 attendees and over 200 scheduled breakout sessions.

We’ve listed a selection of talks involving Linkerd below. Linkerd maintainers will also be present at two special events:

  • Alex Leong (core maintainer) will be giving a hands-on workshop on how to use Linkerd in production on Kubernetes. This workshop is limited availability so sign up soon to reserve your spot!
  • Several Linkerd maintainers will be hanging out at the Buoyant booth (location S37), located to the left of the food and beverage station inside the exhibit hall. Come by and meet the folks behind the lines of code.

Here’s the full schedule of Linkerd-related content, spanning 10 events:

Monday, December 10

Tuesday, December 11

  • 11:40 am: Prometheus team member Frederic Branczyk (@fredbrancz) and Andrew Seigner (@siggy) will speak on monitoring Kubernetes services at scale with Linkerd and Prometheus. Room 4C.
  • 1:45 pm: Thomas Rampelberg (@grampelberg) will demonstrate how latency-based autoscaling outperforms CPU and memory based autoscaling. Ballroom 6B.

Wednesday, December 12

Thursday, December 13

We’re excited to see you in Seattle! If you would like to get in touch prior, just tweet us at @linkerd or drop in to the Linkerd slack channel and say hi.

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