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Aug 23

Buoyant today released an update to the open source Linkerd service mesh that enables pods running on different Kubernetes clusters to establish direct TCP connections across a flat network.

Jun 26

Buoyant CEO William Morgan dives into how increased adoption of the Rust programming language is enabling cloud-native applications to be built more securely.

May 12

The Open Service Mesh (OSM) project announced it will be archived as its maintainers are moving to work on the Istio service mesh – and OSM’s lip service to Istio suggested its users follow suit. This move represents both the complexity and competitive nature of the service mesh market.

Apr 11

Service mesh startup Bouyant Inc. announced a new release of Linkerd today that brings new features including automated health monitoring, dynamic request routing based on the Kubernetes Gateway application programming interface, circuit breaking for overloaded services and more.

Apr 11

Open source enthusiasts who once scrutinized the Linkerd service mesh are slowly being replaced by corporate clients with more specific needs, Buoyant CEO explains.

Apr 11

Buoyant today released an update to the open source Linkerd service mesh that makes use of the Kubernetes Gateway application programming interface (API) to add dynamic request capabilities. That capability enables fine-grained control over the routing of individual HTTP and gRPC requests.

Aug 23

Buoyant, creator of Linkerd, today announced the release of Linkerd 2.14 with improved support for multi-cluster deployments on shared flat networks, full Gateway API conformance, and much more. Linkerd 2.14 comes on the heels of the Linkerd 2.13 release with circuit breaking and dynamic request routing, and continues Linkerd’s focus on coupling enterprise-grade power and flexibility with superior operational model simplicity and to create the lowest TCO of any service mesh.

Jun 30

Buoyant, creator of Linkerd, which provides critical security, reliability, and observability features to Kubernetes applications, announced today a new integration with Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. The integration is now available in the Datadog Marketplace.

Apr 11

New release introduces dynamic request routing, circuit breaking, automated health monitoring, vulnerability alerts, proxy upgrade assistance, and FIPS compatibility for government users

Aug 24

Buoyant, creator of the widely-used open source Linkerd service mesh, today announced the release of Linkerd 2.12, which introduces route-based authorization policies, support for the Kubernetes Gateway API, access logging, and much more.

May 4

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2022 — Buoyant, creator of the widely-used open source Linkerd service mesh, today introduced “fully managed” Linkerd functionality to Buoyant Cloud, the company’s cloud-based service mesh management tool. This new feature set allows Linkerd adopters to treat the popular …

Mar 9

New update provides critical cross-cluster, zero-touch application failover for Kubernetes environments SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, 2022 — Buoyant, creator of the widely-used open source Linkerd service mesh and of the Buoyant Cloud managed Linkerd service, today announced the release of the new …

Jan 8

A recent survey by Armo on the use of security software solutions with Kubernetes found that over half of respondents leverage open-source tooling. Companies using open-source tooling use on average 3.6 different tools.

Dec 23

The number of use cases for Kubernetes is expanding as an increasing number of enterprises across a wide array of industries are adopting it as their platform of choice. However, this also expands the enterprise attack surface and business risk as a result.

Dec 6

The fast-paced Kubernetes ecosystem has given rise to multiple tools and concepts that have transformed how organizations deploy and operate applications in cloud environments.

Oct 28

Linkerd's counterpoint: The problem isn't sidecars, it's Envoy. There's another way to reduce critical vulnerabilities at Layer 7 and much of the resource overhead associated with sidecars, according to Linkerd creator and Buoyant CEO William Morgan: Don't use Envoy.

Oct 27

Service mesh has long been considered an essential staple in creating, deploying and managing Kubernetes environments. However, as the community becomes more aware of the threats and challenges associated with managing highly distributed containerized environments, security has emerged as the main benefit of what service mesh offers DevOps teams.

Oct 17

Service mesh vendors are moving to the Kubernetes Gateway API, replacing Ingress with a single API that can be shared for the management of Kubernetes nodes and clusters.

Oct 10

Buoyant’s recent State of Service Mesh report highlights key trends in the service mesh market. The number one takeaway: security remains the key adoption driver.

Aug 30

The key to improving IT infrastructure management is observability, a matter of growing concern for IT leaders as networks become more complex. When setting out on a digital transformation journey, organizations usually end up with complex infrastructures -- the opposite of the initial goal of these projects.

Aug 26

Buoyant released the latest version of the Linkerd service mesh platform to enhance its zero-trust security capabilities in Kubernetes environments. Linkerd was developed as an open-source network proxy designed to be deployed as a service mesh. A service mesh is a dedicated layer for managing, controlling, and monitoring service-to-service communication within an application.

Aug 24

Buoyant today updated the open source Linkerd service mesh to add support for route-based authorization policies that enforce zero-trust policies within microsegmented Kubernetes environments. In addition, the company is adding support for the Kubernetes Gateway application programming interface (API) and access logging to produce Apache-style request logs.