The Rustvolution: How Rust Is the Future of Cloud Native

April 26, 2024

During this KubeCon talk, Flynn discusses how Go and Kubernetes have been all but inseparable over the last few years — a monoculture approach that has brought tremendous benefits to the cloud-native ecosystem. It fueled the growth of companies moving to cloud native through Go's extensive set of widely-available common tools and the talent base it provided.Today, the maturing ecosystem also recognizes some of Go's limitations and looks to languages like Rust for memory safety, fearless concurrency, and zero-cost abstractions — capabilities that address critical challenges faced by developer sin modern distributed systems.With the rise of excellent Rust-native approaches to Kubernetes development, Rust promises us a world without null pointers, memory leaks, and garbage collection. Watch this session to learn why (and how) to look to Rust for the future of the cloud native ecosystem.