Emissary + Linkerd Resilience Patterns: Rate Limits, Retries & Timeouts

November 16, 2022

In this talk, members of the Emissary-Ingress and Linkerd teams will show the painless way to get four CNCF projects (Emissary, Linkerd, Kubernetes, and Envoy) running smoothly together to provide resilience and reliability for both end user requests and service-to-service application calls. They'll guide you through the best practices for using Linkerd and Emissary to give you capabilities like rate limiting, retries, and timeouts. Join the talk for 1) A tour of each project and discussion of how they complement each other and make a great addition to your production infrastructure stack; 2) an overview of best practices and antipatterns related to resilience. For example, retry budgets are essential within a deep microservice call chain, and 3) live demonstration of a reliability-focused reference architecture for running Linkerd and Emissary together.