Building an Agile Platform in a Highly Regulated Industry

July 27, 2022

During this talk, Jonas Samuelson, Platform Engineer at If-Insurance, and Fredrik Klingenberg, Principal Software Engineer at Aurum AS, will share how If-Insurance — the leading property and casualty insurer in the Nordics — built an agile platform based on Kubernetes, Linkerd, and GitOps within the constraints of a highly regulated industry. How does a large enterprise like If-Insurance balance rapid innovation to compete with disruptive newcomers while adhering to strict security and regulatory requirements? Jonas and Fredrik will discuss If-Insurance's GitOps-based platform and application deployment engine and their tools and techniques to remake the way If-Insurance runs and manages software. This talk will cover how If's immutable platform allows them to train for disaster recovery constantly, how their entire platform was built using GitOps, and how they onboarded teams shifting from a deployment mindset to a GitOps one.