Building a Scalable, Compliant, Multi-Cloud Bank with a Service Mesh

November 21, 2022

Kasper Nissen, Lead Platform Architect at Lunar, will share how Lunar built a scalable, multi-cloud bank with cloud native tech, allowing for rapid product iteration while simplifying compliance with strict regulatory requirements. The flexible technical setup also allows them to rapidly absorb newly acquired startups, ensuring they start generating value for the bank quickly. Lunar started by centralizing its log and release management tooling in a single cluster connected to multiple Kubernetes clusters across GCP, Azure, and AWS — all connected through a service mesh. This allowed them to remove state and complexity from edge clusters and manage infra services centrally while exposing these central services to edge clusters. This transformation is part of a strategy to treat the platform as a product and provide the same set of platform features across cloud providers. Attendees will learn how Lunar implemented multi-cluster communication across clouds and how it all fits together with GitOps as a multi-cloud management layer to comply with regulations on the audit trail of all changes, following the principles of least privilege, and the ability to perform cluster failovers.