Ultra-high availability

High availability in the real world. Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd removes single points of failure and dynamically redistributes application traffic in response to failure at any level, from individual app instances to complete outages of data centers or cloud providers. Build mission-critical applications without the downtime.

A feature of Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd

auditable zero trust scheme

Optimized request-level load balancing targets healthy, fast endpoints


Requests automatically retried on a working endpoint


Latency-aware load balancer selects faster endpoint


Circuit breaking removes load until system recovers


Automated cross-cluster failover


Automated failover

Automated failover

Automatically redirect traffic to different clusters in the event of service failure, without interrupting application behavior.

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How a $4 billion retail giant built an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform powered by Linkerd

We desperately needed insights into what was happening in the cluster and the new microservices architecture. Without the observability that Linkerd gave us


Latency-based load balancing

Automatically send requests to the fastest available application components, reducing user-facing end-to-end latency. Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd automatically balances individual HTTP and gRPC requests based on the P2C EWMA algorithm, allowing it to optimize local load balancing decisions baesd on realtime behavior and reduce global, user-facing tail latencies.

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Retries, timeouts, and circuit breaking

Transparently retry requests sent to slow or failing endpoints on alternate endpoints, and automatically shed load to overloaded application  components. Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd provides a rich suite of L7 reliability mechanisms that allows you to build a reliable platform, even in the face of flaky hardware, unstable software, and unpredictable traffic load.

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Canary and blue-green deploys

Reduce the risk of shipping buggy code to production by “easing” new code into production and automatically falling back to old code if problems are detected. Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd provides powerful traffic-shifting capabilities that easily integrate with progressive delivery  systems such as Argo and Flux

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The enterprise architect's guide to the service mesh

Everything you need to know about service meshes, including mTLS, zero trust, eBPF, sidecars, and more.

The enterprise architect's guide to the service mesh

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