"Linkerd is the only service mesh committed to operational simplicity and low resource consumption. Linkerd is deployed long-term in tens of thousands of K8s clusters worldwide, with CNCF predicting faster adoption than other service meshes." — Ivan McPhee, GigaOM analyst.

GigaOm Radar Report for Service Mesh

For the second year in a row, GigaOm has named Linkerd a Leader and Outperformer in the service mesh market.

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What this report covers

This service mesh report by analyst firm GigaOm  compares 17 service meshes based on features and capabilities, outlining the primary criteria to be considered when evaluating a service mesh, including built-in resilience, converged security, and AIOps automation. The objective is to give the reader a snapshot of the technical capabilities of available solutions, define the perimeter of the market landscape, and gauge the potential impact on the business.