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Oct 27
Service mesh has long been considered an essential staple in creating, deploying and managing Kubernetes environments. However, as the community becomes more aware of the threats and challenges associated with managing highly distributed containerized environments, security has emerged as the main benefit of what service mesh offers DevOps teams.
Oct 28
Linkerd's counterpoint: The problem isn't sidecars, it's Envoy. There's another way to reduce critical vulnerabilities at Layer 7 and much of the resource overhead associated with sidecars, according to Linkerd creator and Buoyant CEO William Morgan: Don't use Envoy.
Oct 17
Service mesh vendors are moving to the Kubernetes Gateway API, replacing Ingress with a single API that can be shared for the management of Kubernetes nodes and clusters.
Oct 10
Buoyant’s recent State of Service Mesh report highlights key trends in the service mesh market. The number one takeaway: security remains the key adoption driver.
Aug 24
The team at Linkerd, the service mesh for Kubernetes, today announced the release of Linkerd 2.12. With this, route-based policy is introduced to Linkerd, enabling users to define and enforce authorization policies based on HTTP routes in a zero-trust way.
May 16
Buoyant, creator of the open source Linkerd service mesh, has introduced “fully managed” Linkerd functionality to Buoyant Cloud, the company’s cloud-based service mesh management tool. This new feature set allows Linkerd adopters to treat the popular service mesh as a true utility by removing the complexities of maintaining, monitoring and operating Linkerd control plane and data plane components.
May 17
Cloud native is driving digital transformation, with organizations keen to capitalize on the agility and flexibility it provides to their business and operations. But as more applications and services are deployed using a diverse technology stack, it has become a challenge to deliver and manage performance and availability.
May 19
Buoyant is adding fully managed Linkerd capabilities to Buoyant Cloud, so that developers can treat Linkerd as a managed service even if it is running on their own cluster. Buoyant Cloud can now automate the Linkerd upgrades, rollbacks, installations and trust anchor rotation. The new capabilities aim to make Linkerd easier to use and manage.
Jun 2
Istio service mesh is back in the spotlight since joining the CNCF, but the foundation's existing projects are preferred by IT pros focused on multi-cluster Kubernetes resiliency. Enterprise IT pros tasked with shoring up resiliency among Kubernetes multi-cluster and multi-cloud environments favored open source service mesh projects Linkerd and Kuma over Istio.
Jun 3
A recently released the Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey points to how service mesh is seen as essential for the majority of organizations working with Kubernetes and microservices. At the same time, a survey of readers of The New Stack shows there are indications that service mesh is even becoming boring, or at the very least, a subject that readers are less interested in reading about than they were before.