Teaming up to help deliver more meals to Ukraine

Teaming up to help deliver more meals to Ukraine

Catherine Paganini

May 15, 2022

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Why not do good while learning about cloud native tech? Cockroach Labs, Fairwinds, Pulumi, and Jetstack, have teamed up to donate $2 for each virtual booth visitor to World Central Kitchen (WCK), a non-profit committed to providing meals in response to humanitarian crises.

Working with restaurants across Ukraine and in six countries welcoming refugees, WCK provides hundreds of thousands of daily meals for people in need. WCK serves meals at shelters, hospitals, transit hubs, and more. It’s a wonderful mission and you can also donate to WCK directly 💙 🇺🇦 💛

How it works

Participating is easy. If you registered for KubeCon, just click on the booth links below to visit our virtual booths. Each visit will count as a $2 donation, so if you visit us all, that’s $12 for the cause right there!

Of course, there are many more reasons to visit our booths. You’ll find great cloud native resources, including demos, tutorials, ebooks, and more. Here are some of the highlights you can expect at each booth.

Buoyant — the creator of Linkerd

Buoyant is announcing something really exciting: the introduction of fully managed Linkerd. You can be one of the first to check out the demo, and you’ll also find a ton of service mesh content, including a service mesh 101 in English and Spanish, our engineer’s guide to mTLS, and details on Buoyant’s Service Mesh Academy. For this and more, visit the Buoyant booth!

Civo — Fast Simple, Managed Kubernetes

Stop by the Civo booth for live sessions on how to get the most out of your Kubernetes environment — including demos, Civo marketplace walkthroughs, and an inside look at how they live-provision a private region. You’ll find lots of resources and friendly team members to answer any questions on Civo’s easy-to-use managed Kubernetes service. It is fully CNCF certified and 100% Kubernetes upstream compatible. Check out the Civo booth today!

Cockroach Labs — Build What you Dream

CockroachDB’s presence this year at KubeCon, both physical and virtual, is primarily a charitable one. (If you are attending in person, be sure to visit booth P16, where for each badge scanned, they’ll donate $3 to either Black Girls Code, Women Who Code, the Cancer Research Institute, or UNICEF for Ukrainian relief). Visit their booth (or book a meeting here) to see demos and architecture overviews about what they’ve learned from building a multi-region, managed, distributed SQL database offering on Kubernetes. Check it out now.

Fairwinds — Kubernetes Governance and Security

Fairwinds, a leader in Kubernetes governance providing a unified view between dev, sec, and ops, offers lots of great resources at their virtual booth this KubeCon. You can get a quick tour of Fairwinds Insights, learn about Kubernetes cost savings, how to make Kubernetes service ownership possible, typical Kubernetes security mistakes, and much more. Come chat with a friendly Fairwinds engineer about the many great open source solutions, including Polaris, Goldilocks, Nova, and Pluto. Visit the Fairwinds booth today!

Pulumi — Universal Infrastructure as Code

At Pulumi’s booth, you’ll learn about their cloud engineering platform that brings infrastructure, developer, and security teams together through a unified software engineering process that tames cloud complexity and accelerates innovation. Don’t miss Pulumi’s Ask an Expert live sessions to hear directly from the engineering team. Whether you want to know more about how to build with Universal Infrastructure as Code in general-purpose programming and markup languages or just learn more about what’s on the roadmap, this is your chance to ask anything. Visit Pulumi today!

Jetstack — the creator of cert-manager

Get more out of cert-manager and learn how Jetstack Secure can eliminate workload misconfigurations and provide full visibility of each certificate across every production cluster. Chat directly to one of the project maintainers and learn to use cert-manager to secure Ingress endpoints and internal workloads using mTLS. Check out the Jetstack booth today!

Lots of great reasons to visit our booths

Those are plenty of good reasons to check out the great content of these amazing companies while supporting a wonderful charity that is doing an incredible job at helping the people of Ukraine.

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