Announcing Dive

Announcing Dive

William Morgan

Nov 18, 2019

Today we’re thrilled to unveil the private beta of Dive, our SaaS “team control plane” for platform teams operating Kubernetes.

Dive is built by the same team that created Linkerd. And just as Linkerd gives your infrastructure mission-critical reliability, security, and observability features, Dive gives your team the SRE superpowers they need to safely operate applications at scale.

What kind of superpowers? Things like:

  • An always-up-to-date service catalog, including where services are deployed, which versions are running, who deployed them.
  • An instantaneous record of every rollout across every cluster, no matter how it got there.
  • A global service topology of all services and their relationships.
  • Automatic SLO (service level objective) tracking for any service.
  • Report cards for showing off just how good (or bad!) a service did.
  • Deploy policies that take into account SLO status, the state of dependencies, and what else is changing across your clusters.

At its core, Dive is about human communication. Every change to your infrastructure gets a permalink—which can be pasted into Slack, commented on, and tied to other changes. Every service gets a homepage—which can be augmented with SLOs, runbooks, and ownership information. And every person in the organization gets an always-up-to-date view of what’s running, what’s been changed, and who was responsible. In short: everyone gets on the same page.

Dive is the result of 4+ years of experience helping organizations deploy Linkerd to production. Linkerd, like Kubernetes, solves a critical piece of the puzzle—but there’s more to running a high-scale, fast-moving, reliable, and secure application than just installing a service mesh. Dive extends Linkerd’s ability to solve real problems from the domain of services in an application to people in an organization.

Dive is free in private beta. If you’d like to join our early adopter community, please sign up for the waitlist on We’re slowly rolling out Dive and we want your feedback!