A collection of enterpise-focused documents to better inform you about the service mesh


Enterprise-grade, zero-trust network security with Linkerd

Buoyant Cloud is a full management solution for Linkerd.Connect your existing open source Linkerd deployment to Buoyant Cloud, and let it do the hard work of operating, monitoring, and managing Linkerd for you.


A collection of media resources to learn all about the service mesh


In this latest edition of This Week in Enterprise Tech, Lou Maresca chats with Buoyant CEO William Morgan about the current state and future of service mesh.


In this video, Linkerd maintainer and Buoyant software engineer Alex Leong explains how the Linkerd control plane works. The Linkerd control plane is a set of services that run in a dedicated Kubernetes namespace (linkerd by default).


In this video, Buoyant CTO Oliver Gould explains how mTLS works in Linkerd. Mutual TLS, or mTLS, is a hot topic in the Kubernetes world, especially for anyone tasked with getting “encryption in transit” for their applications.


In this video, Buoyant CTO Oliver Gould explains how Linkerd's multi-cluster extension transparently enables cross-cluster communication. Linkerd connects Kubernetes services across cluster boundaries in a way that is secure, fully transparent to the application, and independent of network topology.


Kasper Nissen, Lead Platform Architect at Lunar, will share how Lunar built a scalable, multi-cloud bank with cloud native tech, allowing for rapid product iteration while simplifying compliance with strict regulatory requirements.


In this talk, Kevin and Doug will trace a packet through its journey between a meshed client and server. They'll explore how the path of a packet changes after installing a service mesh, the additional hops it introduces, and which networking changes ensure the application's behavior isn't affected.

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