The Well-Tempered Mesh: Linkerd, Zero Trust, and the Application

April 10, 2023

Zero trust requires checking every access, every time, and a service mesh is the perfect tool to make that happen everywhere within the cluster running a cloud-native application. Of course, the mesh doesn’t exist in isolation! It’s important to consider not just how the mesh can run, but also how it interacts with other areas of infrastructure and the application.In this talk, Alex will walk you through not just how to set Linkerd up for proper mTLS, but also how Linkerd can work well with the other pieces of our demo application.

You'll see Linkerd get certificate information from cert-manager and routing information from Emissary-ingress, and how to define policies that can be curated by Polaris. Finally, you'll see how the application developer can take advantage of Linkerd to find and safely fix bugs no matter where they are in the call graph, with a live demonstration of how all these pieces fit together.