Linkerd 2020, a year in review

February 15, 2021

Boy was 2020 was a busy year for the Linkerd maintainers! We had a total of six major releases and 53 edge releases. In the latest Linkerd Community meeting, Oliver Gould highlights how important edge releases because they allow the community to test features and functionality before it goes in a stable release. So, please folks, keep on updating your clusters and send feedback through GitHub!

2020 release highlights in a nutshell:

Linkerd 2.7 introduced proxy performance improvements and external certificate issuer support using tools like cert-manager.

Linkerd 2.8 added support for multi-cluster deployments and an “add-on” concept to make Linkerd more modular.

Linkerd 2.9 added a multi-core proxy runtime (Tokio), ARM support, and mutual TLS for all TCP traffic.