Lack of Features Is a Feature for This German Automaker

June 29, 2023

During his session, Dominik Táskai, Junior DevOps Engineer at LeanNet, will make a case for how sometimes a lack of features is itself a feature: a technology focused on doing just a few things really, really well can often help us reach our goals faster than something that tries to do too much. That's the lesson he took away from implementing Linkerd at a major German automaker within just five weeks. A journey from no mesh to trying and failing with more complex ones and then finally successfully installing Linkerd in production. Fun fact: he had no prior service mesh experience and only worked with Kubernetes for three months! Who said service meshes are only for advanced Kubernetes users? While engineers are always keen on trying out the best and newest technology, they often overlook operational complexity. In Dominik's experience, operational simplicity, like that provided by Linkerd, is key to achieving results in real-world production environments faster.