Tutorial: Configuring Your Service Mesh with Gateway API

April 12, 2024

Gateway API v1.0 is here! But... what does that mean? How do we actually use it? Does it even work? Can we get real, useful things done with Gateway API? Let's find out!

Watch this KubeCon session with Gateway API and GAMMA contributors for a hands-on workshop using either Linkerd or Istio to get things done using Gateway API! You'll start with unconfigured clusters, walk through installing a demo application with your choice of service mesh, then dig into how to use Gateway API for routing, resilience, progressive delivery, and ingress traffic management. You'll walk away with practical, real-world knowledge about what Gateway API can do and how to use it, and portable skills you'll be able to apply to the many projects implementing Gateway API! Give it a try. You'll find everything you need in this GitHub repo.