Argo Vs Flagger: Progressive Delivery with Linkerd

March 27, 2024

If you’re looking into cloud native Progressive Delivery, you are likely considering Argo Rollouts or Flagger. Part of popular, graduated CNCF projects – Argo and Flux, respectively – both tie seamlessly into GitOps. Both support advanced Continuous Delivery techniques such as Canary Releases, A/B Testing, and Blue/Green deployment. Both provide extended functionality with a Service Mesh such as Linkerd. So, when it comes to Progressive Delivery, how do you choose? Join this talk with Argo CD maintainer Kostis Kapelonis, Flux maintainer Scott Rigby, and Anastasiia Gubska for an honest and lively technical presentation. They'll cover how Argo Rollouts and Flagger differ, where they overlap, compatibility with GitOps tools, and whether you can combine them (hint: yes, with some caveats). Attendees will learn what questions to ask before embarking on the progressive delivery journey to identify which tool might serve them best for what they are trying to achieve.