Announcing KubeCrash Spring 2023 — the KubeCon Amsterdam Warm-up Event

Announcing KubeCrash Spring 2023 — the KubeCon Amsterdam Warm-up Event

Catherine Paganini

Feb 27, 2023

Virtual. Free. 100% Open Source.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. KubeCon EU is just around the corner, which means KubeCrash — the Amsterdam warm-up event — is here, too! Join us on March 29 and 30 for a virtual, free, and 100% open source-focused conference. This time around, we have changed things up a little to focus on two days with two themes. Including fantastic speakers from Xbox, Boeing, and Autodesk, CNCF project maintainers, plus support from other popular open source projects. Check out the program and register today.

Zero Trust Day

On Wednesday, March 29,  we’ll focus on what an entire application looks like when designed with zero trust. Each presentation will focus on one piece, from providing secure access to your cluster to securing communication within your cluster to managing TLS certificates and defining the necessary policies. The day kicks off with a special keynote from Boeing, who’ll provide their view on cloud native security.

Innovation Day

On Thursday, March 30, we will focus primarily on gaming, ML/AI, and other ground-breaking technologies that are shaping the ecosystem right now. You’ll hear from the experts who are building new modern, data-intensive applications that scale to millions of users. Users expect instantaneous, personalized experiences and have zero tolerance for downtime. 

Partners for Good

Why not do good while learning about cloud native tech? KubeCrash partners are teaming up to raise money for Ukraine. We'll donate $1 for each KubeCrash registration to Unicef and Nova Ukraine. Together they support children and families devastated by the war in Ukraine. It's a wonderful mission, and, if you agree, we encourage you to donate directly to the cause!

About KubeCrash

After a successful launch last spring, KubeCrash doubled attendance in October with tons of great feedback from the community. Now in its third round, KubeCrash comes in a new format. Two days, two themes, and lots of experts and innovators who'll share what they've built, how they scale, and how they push it to the edge.

KubeCrash is hosted by five open source companies who teamed up to bring you top-notch, KubeCon-grade crash courses on cloud native tech. No vendor pitches, just awesome open source content on projects such as Linkerd, cert-manager, Polaris, Emissary-Ingress, and CockroachDB. Check out last KubeCrash's talks to get a sense of what to expect. 

Why open source

When it comes to enterprise-grade cloud native tooling, DevOps teams often drive the technology choices to build Kubernetes production environments. Widely recognized as lower cost and more secure than proprietary software, we increasingly see engineers gravitate toward freely available open source. Open source can also be significantly easier to integrate and support than closed source solutions, which is why engineers love using them. 

In short, open source has become critical to any modern technology stack. KubeCrash aims to help engineering teams develop the needed skill set to leverage these technologies in their production environments effectively. During these two half-day knowledge-sharing and virtual learning sessions, developers, reliability engineers, cloud security specialists, and platform engineers will learn directly from the maintainers of some of the most popular open source projects. 

The KubeCrash program

Come prepared for a schedule packed with great content and actionable insights directly from thought leaders and the teams that maintain some of the ecosystem's most popular open source projects. From thought provoking keynotes to technical deep dives, intros to CNCF end user resources, and end user talks, there's no shortage of amazing choices.  

Zero Trust Day, March 29  (5 pm CET | 11 am ET | 8 am PT)

Keynote: High Integrity Software in the Clouds by Ricardo Torres, Chief Engineer of Open Source & Cloud Native, Boeing

Lighting talk: Frederick Kautz on Zero Trust, KubeCon Co-Chair, SPIFFE Steering Committee Member

Lighting talk: 5 Must-knows for an Easy Life Using Cloud Native by Richard Collins, Co-chair CNCF Business Value Subcommittee

Cloud Native Zero Trust: Multiple Projects, One Goal, Edidiong Asikpo, Ambassador Labs, Developer Advocate

Securing the Front Door: Configuring TLS in Emissary-ingress with cert-manager, David Sudia, Senior Developer Advocate, Ambassador Labs

The Well-Tempered Mesh: Linkerd, Zero Trust, and the Application, Alex Leong, Linkerd maintainer, Buoyant

Generating and Distributing Trusted Certificates Using Cert-manager and Trust-manager, Tim Ramlot, cert-manager maintainer, Jetstack

Zero Trust Policy Enforcement with Polaris, Stevie Caldwell, Polaris maintainer, Fairwinds

Innovation Day, March 30 (5 pm CET | 11 am ET | 8 am PT)

Keynote panel discussion: Cloud Native in Gaming, Supporting Scale 

Lighting talk: How Cloud Native is Fueling Innovation at CNCF End User Companies by Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem at the CNCF

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Applications, Jake Moshenko, Co-Founder and CEO, AuthZed

Lightning Talk: The CNCF Cloud Native Maturity Model by Danielle Cook, co-chair of the CNCF Cartografos Working Group

How Civo is Backing Cloud-Native to Reduce the Cost of Machine Learning by Josh Mesout, Chief Innovation Officer, Civo

Exploring the Future of Machine Learning and AI, panel discussion with Matt Dupree, Data Chimp; Tiffany Jachja, Autodesk; Dr. Morten Middelfart, Lumina Analytics

Closing Keynote: Coming Soon!

Check out the program page for more details. 

Join us on March 29 and 30

Join us on March 29 and 30 for a specifically curated set of sessions, each led by a project maintainer, from projects covering modern cloud native security to improving the developer experience. It will be live, interactive, and fun. Register today

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