Announcing Buoyant's Service Mesh Academy

Announcing Buoyant's Service Mesh Academy

Catherine Paganini

Jan 11, 2022

Hands-on, Engineer-focused Training from the Creators of Linkerd

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of Buoyant’s Service Mesh Academy, a hands-on training series designed to provide free education for software engineers around the world on the critical topic of the service mesh. The academy will provide a series of live, online workshops led by experts in Linkerd or other related projects, and will also be available on-demand for those who cannot attend live or prefer self-paced learning.

The service mesh has become a critical part of the modern, cloud-native approach to software. Last year’s CNCF report showed that organizations with a service mesh in production increased 50% in 2020 alone, with another 42% either evaluating a service mesh or planning to use one. Linkerd became a graduated CNCF project last year, underscoring its maturity and reach. Despite this, there are still gaps in skills related to containers, Kubernetes, and cloud native technologies like the service mesh.

To help bridge this gap, our Service Mesh Academy will start off by offering hands-on workshops with practical guidance for implementing, securing, and running service meshes in Kubernetes environments. These workshops will enable Kubernetes users to master all aspects of the service mesh, from setting up mutual TLS to securing multi-cluster communication to implementing fine-grained network policies.

Up Next: Locking down your Kubernetes cluster

To kick off 2022, we’ll host the first Service Mesh Academy workshop, Locking down your Kubernetes cluster with Linkerd, on January 13th. This workshop will focus on securing in-cluster network traffic using new traffic policies introduced in Linkerd 2.11. Join us there to get practical insights through real-world use cases to restrict access to critical services, prevent traffic across namespaces, and secure traffic while still allowing metrics scrapes, health checks, and other meta-traffic.

Other upcoming Service Mesh Academy workshops include:

Finally, if you want to take a peek at some of our earlier, trial workshops, these include:

Join the Service Mesh Academy!

If you want to learn more about the service mesh, come join our next workshop! It’s interactive, fun, and you’ll gain hands-on experience with Linkerd and other CNCF projects. We hope to see you there soon!