Announcing KubeCrash Spring 2024: Platform Engineering, Building the Ultimate Internal Developer Platform

Announcing KubeCrash Spring 2024: Platform Engineering, Building the Ultimate Internal Developer Platform

Catherine Paganini

Mar 13, 2024

Virtual. Free. 100% Open Source.

We are excited to announce KubeCrash Spring 2024, where we'll dive deep into platform engineering and how to build the ultimate internal developer platform (IDP). Each technical session will focus on different building blocks or best practices for constructing an IDP that will match your organization's needs while fostering developer productivity and operational excellence. Join us on April 24 and look forward to great keynotes, including one by Spotify and their internal use of Backstage, and many more technical talks. Check out the program and register today. 

Why IDPs?

Always seeking the latest features, users today demand rapid innovation. To keep pace with that demand, developers must continuously push out features that integrate seamlessly into the code base. Whether they can do that largely depends on whether they are slowed by checkpoints or can take advantage of self-service using Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs). Built with tools that streamline development workflows, IDPs allow engineers to focus on what they do best: building software. From accelerating deployment cycles to improving code quality and encouraging a culture of experimentation, IDPs lay the foundation for organizational agility and sustainable growth. 

Partners for Good

Why not do good while learning about cloud native tech? KubeCrash partners are teaming up to raise money for Deaf Kids Code. We'll donate $1 for each KubeCrash registration to the non-profit. 

The risk of under- or unemployment of deaf and hard of hearing individuals is significantly higher than for hearing adults — a discrepancy that is purely based on communication barriers. Today, computing has become a bridge, providing a streamlined way to interact, creating lots of new opportunities. Deaf Kids Code's goal is to promote, inspire, and empower deaf and hard of hearing children to innovate through the world of programming. A wonderful initiative that pursues very similar goals to the CNCF Deaf and Hard of Hearing Working Group, which was initiated by one of the KubeCrash co-founders.

About KubeCrash

Now in its fifth round, KubeCrash is hosted by six cloud native companies who teamed up to bring you top-notch, KubeCon-grade crash courses on cloud native tech. No vendor pitches, just awesome open source content on projects such as Backstage, Linkerd, cert-manager, and Polaris. Check out the talks from KubeCrash Fall 2023 to get a sense of what to expect. 

Why open source

When it comes to enterprise-grade cloud native tooling, DevOps teams often drive the technology choices to build Kubernetes production environments. Widely recognized as lower cost and more secure than proprietary software, we increasingly see engineers gravitate toward freely available open source. Open source can also be significantly easier to integrate and support than closed source solutions, which is why engineers love using them. 

In short, open source has become critical to any modern technology stack. KubeCrash aims to help engineering teams develop the needed skill set to leverage these technologies in their production environments effectively. During these one-day knowledge-sharing and virtual learning sessions, developers, reliability engineers, cloud security specialists, and platform engineers will learn directly from the maintainers of some of the most popular open source projects. 

The KubeCrash program

Come prepared for a schedule packed with great content and actionable insights directly from thought leaders and the teams that maintain some of the ecosystem's most popular open source projects. 

Wednesday, April 24 

KEYNOTE Scaling the Stage: Managing 200+ Plugins & Thousands of Engineers, Vincenzo Scamporlino, Senior Software Engineer, Spotify

Create, Manage, Explore - Build your perfect IDP with Backstage, Philipp Hugenroth, Software Engineer, Spotify

LIGHTING TALK: By the CNCF Deaf & Hard of Hearing Working Group (coming soon!)

Intentional Platform Engineering: Dodging Pitfalls and Embracing Best Practices, Steve Judd, Cloud Native Architect & Platform Engineer at Jetstack Consult

PANEL DISCUSSION: coming soon!

LIGHTING TALK: Infrastructure from Code: No Code Changes, No New Languages, Just Streamlined, Standardized, and Aligned Application Deployments, Lauren Rother, VP of Product at appCD

IDP Reliability with Goldilocks, Stevie Caldwell, Tech Lead at Fairwinds

Internal Developer Platform with Secure, Reliable, Observable Communication, Flynn, Technical Evangelist at Buoyant

PANEL DISCUSSION: coming soon!

Customized internal platforms without building from scratch, Abby Bangser, Principal Engineer at Syntasso & Platforms Working Group Lead

Navigating Platform Engineering: Choosing Between Internal Development Portals and SaaS Solutions, Kunal Kushwaha, DevRel Manager at Civo, CNCF Ambassador

LIGHTING TALK: The CNOE Project - Creating an Industry Standard Internal Developer Platform Distribution using CNCF Technologies, Brandon Leach, Senior Director of Engineering at Autodesk and Nima Kavani, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

CLOSING KEYNOTE: coming soon!

Check out the program page for more details. 

Join us on April 24

Join us on Wednesday, October 18,  for a specifically curated set of sessions, each led by a project maintainer, from projects covering modern multi-cloud deployments. It will be live, interactive, and fun. Register today