Announcing Buoyant Cloud

The best way to run Linkerd in mission-critical environments

We’ve spent the past five years making Linkerd not just faster and lighter, but simpler to operate than any other service mesh. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in that journey: the public beta of Buoyant Cloud, our managed Linkerd service. If you’re a Linkerd user, you can sign up for a free Buoyant Cloud account today.

(Want to hear more about Buoyant Cloud from its creators? Join us for our grand unveiling event tomorrow!)

Buoyant Cloud is designed to shoulder the operational burden for you, and to make Linkerd not just simple but trivial. It gives you:

  • A hosted mesh dashboard that shows mesh state across all your clusters;
  • Automated sanity checks and proactive alerts about the health of your service mesh;
  • Comprehensive health metrics for all workloads on your system;
  • Instant access to our team of Linkerd experts; and
  • And lots, lots more.

And that’s just the beginning—in the future, Buoyant Cloud will rotate mesh TLS certificates, manage Linkerd installs and upgrades, and allow you to set security and traffic policy across your clusters as a whole.

Buoyant Cloud screenshot

Why build Buoyant Cloud?

While Linkerd is the lightest, fastest, simplest service mesh available, the reality is that running Linkerd is still really, really hard. Not because Linkerd is bad, but because running any software is hard. Running software means you have to:

  • Know how to monitor and alert on it correctly
  • Know what to do when those alerts fire
  • Stay aware of critical updates, and actually apply them
  • Upgrade it without taking down everything that relies on it
  • Understand how it scales and ensure it has enough resources
  • Diagnose issues when weird things happen
  • Defend it when it gets unfairly blamed
  • And lots, lots more.

This is not easy, even for software as focused on simplicity as Linkerd is. But for Linkerd, at least, we can make this better. Buoyant Cloud is designed to allow us to shoulder that operational burden, so that you don’t have to.

Buoyant Cloud is free for all Linkerd users

All Linkerd users have free access to Buoyant Cloud and can sign up in seconds. The free plan provides up to 50 workloads and two clusters worth of data,and Linkerd users with larger deployments can easily upgrade their plan for larger deployments.

If you’re using Linkerd, sign up for Buoyant Cloud today!

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