KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2018: The Service Mesh in Production

Earlier this month over 4300 attendees from around the world convened in Copenhagen to advance their cloud native and Kubernetes know-how at Kubecon EU. Based on the show floor buzz, a lot of customer conversations, and the many presentations on stage, it’s evident that the service mesh is rapidly becoming a fundamental requirement for anyone running Kubernetes.

That interest was nowhere more evident than at the Buoyant booth, where we had a steady flow of attendees sitting down for hands-on demos of both of our open source service mesh projects: Linkerd, the battle-tested, incubation project of the CNCF, and ultralight, zero-config service mesh for Kubernetes. Miss the show? You can try the Linkerd emoji demo or the Linkerd latency-aware load balancing demo for yourself.

The Service Mesh on Stage at KubeCon

Kubecon featured six talks by Linkerd production users including Monzo, Form3, Moltin, SoundCloud, Attest, Brandwatch, and BigCommerce. We also had a few folks from Buoyant showing off new features. Check out the videos below:

Adopter Sessions

Buoyant Sessions

We also had a few press highlights from the week that are worth reading:

BTW: The CFP for KubeCon China and Seattle are opening soon. Have a story to tell about how Linkerd has helped you run and manage microservices in prod? We’d be happy to help you with your submission and talk, just ping us on Slack. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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