Women Who Go at Buoyant: Using GraphQL; Go and Protobuf

The Women Who Go SF Meetup was a fun night filled with Golang enthusiasts, education, great food, and lots of good conversation. If you missed it, below are the recorded talks!

Talk 1: Using GraphQL to write awesome Go APIs

When writing web applications, API management can be one of the most time-consuming things. GraphQL allows you to build APIs that can easily assemble large amounts of related data, and provide a lot of query flexibility.

In this talk, Risha Mars, a software engineer at Buoyant and maintainer on the CNCF service mesh project, Linkerd, shares how to choose a GraphQL library from the many options out there, how to implement a simple API with GraphQL, and how to use it to stitch related data together to provide a flexible and user-friendly API.

Talk 2: Go and the protobuf: How Protocol Buffers bridge the language gap between Go and Rust in Linkerd

In this talk, Carol Scott, a software engineer at Buoyant and maintainer on the CNCF service mesh project, Linkerd walks you through the history, benefits, and drawbacks of Protocol Buffers and why Protobuf definitions are used in the open-source service mesh, Linkerd.

You’ll look at some code, learn about best practices, and see a demo of an application using Protocol Buffers in action.

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