That DevOps Guy and the story of Linkerd

Marcel Dempers, a.k.a That DevOps Guy, and William Morgan chat about DevOps and the service mesh. From what it takes to become a DevOps engineer to Linkerd’s origin story, how Linkerd works, and why a service mesh doesn’t have to be an overly complex part of a system. Tune in to hear how William got into the infrastructure space and how his experience being on-call at Twitter drove Linkerd’s focus on user empathy, and lots more.

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Oct 27, 2020 | Video

In his fun and insightful Linkerd intro video, Marcel Dempers, a.k.a. that DevOps guy, walks you through deploying a sample microservices architecture. Roll up your sleeves and deploy Linkerd along as Marcel discusses the service mesh’s individual components, opt-in features, and injects and finds …