Multi-cluster observability with Kubernetes, Linkerd, and Thanos

Uniform observability across polyglot applications can be challenging, even more so across multiple clusters. In this talk, Andrew Seigner from the Linkerd team will demonstrate adding observability to applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters with zero code changes, and then using Thanos to enable observability across all clusters in one unified view. This talk will outline how Linkerd uses Prometheus to provide zero-config observability for applications running in Kubernetes, and how Thanos enables observability to scale across any number of Prometheus instances.

Andrew Seigner is a Software Engineer at Buoyant, the makers of Linkerd. Andrew’s current focus has been on observability and telemetry in Buoyant’s next-generation service mesh. Previously Andrew worked at Twitter and Gracenote.

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Strava has been running Linkerd in production for over a year, and almost every internal app uses it for service discovery and routing. From incident response workflows to candidate deployments, Linkerd plays an integral part throughout Strava’s infrastructure stack. In this talk, J Evans, Infrastructure Engineer at Strava will describe Strava’s real-world use case for Linkerd. He will describe how they use Linkerd’s Prometheus and Statsd integrations to respond to service outages, and how these observability tools along with other Linkerd features can even be used to avoid such outages in the first place.

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Welcome to the Linkerd party, Google Ventures!

Happy pi day! The past few months have been a high point for Linkerd. Momentum has never been stronger, with adopters and contributors flocking to the project every day. Many of the newest adopters tell us that they arrived at Linkerd for a simple reason—it was simpler, lighter, and faster than anything else they tried. Sometimes, Linkerd was the only thing that even worked. Turns out we weren’t the only ones who noticed this trend.

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GV leads $10 Million round to further Linkerd's disruption

San Francisco, CA – March 14, 2019 – Buoyant, creator of the popular open source service mesh Linkerd, today announced that GV (formerly Google Ventures) and existing investors Benchmark and A.Capital have invested $10 million to further Linkerd’s disruption of industry heavyweights in the service mesh space. This investment will be used to further propel Linkerd’s feature velocity and community growth, and brings the total amount raised by Buoyant to over $24 million.