Nordstrom, Kairos, and Attest share application monitoring best practices with Linkerd

In this live discussion moderated by DigitalOcean’s Michelle Peot, we’ll hear from infrastructure platform owners at Nordstrom, Kairos, and Attest on how they use Linkerd as part of their broader application health monitoring strategy to secure, monitor, and observe Kubernetes applications.

The conversation covers a lot of ground, including how these organizations have architected their infrastructure, which teams are responsible for application health, how they use Linkerd as part of their application health strategy, and the most challenging aspects of monitoring application health. It closes with production-vetted tips that will help ensure your Kubernetes application won’t misbehave without someone knowing about it well in advance.

Linkerd is a community project and is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. If you have feature requests, questions, or comments, we’d love to have you join our rapidly-growing community! Linkerd is hosted on GitHub, and we have a thriving community on Slack, Twitter, and the mailing lists. Come and join the fun!


Michelle Peot is a Senior Product Manager of the Insights group at Digital Ocean. She develops and maintains the product strategy and roadmap for DO’s customer-facing monitoring and metrics-driven operational features.

Jon Richards is Senior Software Engineer at Nordstroms on the global traffic management team. He is focused on building and managing cloud computing systems, serverless architecture design, and leading development teams and projects.

Cole Calistra is CTO at Kairos, a company that makes facial recognition and behavior analysis software easy for developers. His is primarily responsible for managing the explosive growth at the firm, building out Kairos’ SaaS platforms, and leading their technology team.

Zak Knill is a Backend Engineer at Attest, a fast-growth market and brand intelligence platform, helping to connect businesses to a network of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries.

William Morgan is a maintainer of Linkerd and co-founder of Buoyant.

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