Kubelist Podcast with Linkerd Creator William Morgan

What is a service mesh? How does Twitter fit into all of this? Why did Linkerd take such a different approach? Marc Campbell discusses this and more with Linkerd creator William Morgan during this Kubelist episode. Tune in to hear how the service mesh came to be and what the maintainers of the first service mesh are up to now.

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Nov 17, 2020 | Video

Linkerd 2.9 webinar: mTLS for all TCP connections and more

A huge milestone for zero-trust security, Linkerd 2.9 extends its zero-config mTLS support to all TCP connections. Linkerd now encrypts and authenticates all TCP connections in the cluster at installation. This includes automatic certification rotation and strong pod identity guarantees. This release also adds ARM support, a new multi-core proxy runtime for higher throughput, as well as support for Kubernetes service topologies, and more. Check out this webinar to hear from Linkerd creator Oliver Gould about what this means for the CNCF’s most popular service mesh project.

Nov 12, 2020 | Charles Pretzer

CNCF launches new "Intro to Service Mesh with Linkerd" training course

It’s finally arrived! The CNCF’s Introduction to Service Mesh with Linkerd training course is now available. If you’re new to the service mesh, this course covers everything from basic service mesh concepts to practical implementations of Linkerd in a production environment. The service mesh doesn’t have to be complicated Service meshes play a key role in cloud native architectures. While there is a perception that service meshes must be complex, the reality is that they don’t have to be.

Nov 10, 2020 | Podcast

Kubernetes Podcast with Linkerd's Thomas Rampelberg

Tune into this episode of the Kubernetes Podcast to hear from Buoyant software engineer and Linkerd maintainer Thomas Rampelberg as he chats about the Linkerd service mesh. Going down memory lane, Thomas and co-hosts, Craig and Adam, start talking about DC/OS which Thomas co-created, and the early days of Linkerd. They also chat about SMI and Linkerd’s latest release.