Microsoft Debugs Apps on Kubernetes using Linkerd

KubeCon | Cloud NativeCon NA 2018

How do you debug an application on Kubernetes? Michelle Noorali and Radu Matei from the Microsoft Azure team tackled this topic focusing on free open source tools at KubeCon 2018 in Seattle. Noorali is a key contributor to the Helm project, the most commonly used package manager for Kubernetes.

Noorali and Matei broke their talk into four chunks:

  • Why bother debugging your applications on Kubernetes.
  • How to pre-wire applications for debugging.
  • How to inject Linkerd and real-time identify and debug service failures.
  • How to use Visual Studio tools to identify error locations within the lines of NodeJS code.

Other tools covered include Telepresence, Draft/Skaffold, and Squash (the Kubernetes debugger). Noorali highlights the Linkerd dashboard and shows off the nifty UX as she traces failing services in a “To-Do” List app (go to 16:00 in the video to see the failure mode). Apparently, Matei enjoyed the demo so much; he filed a feature request for a Linkerd Draft plug-in!

If you have feature requests, questions, or comments, we’d love to have you join our rapidly-growing community! Linkerd is a community project and is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Linkerd is hosted on GitHub, and we have a thriving community on Slack, Twitter, and the mailing lists. Come and join the fun!

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