Banking service provider figo uses Linkerd to increase speed, scalability, and security

Kiersten Gaffney

Kiersten Gaffney

Jul 31, 2019

Figo and Linkerd

figo is Europe’s first banking service provider. figo’s platform enables customers to read bank data, analyze financial sources, initiate transfers, verify account balances, categorize transactions, and aggregate finance sources into a singular customer experience.

Christian Hüning, system architect at figo, adopted Linkerd to provide mutual TLS (mTLS) between all services in a cluster, enhancing the security of the critical applications its banking services depended on

Hüning shared the challenges and benefits of migrating figo’s infrastructure from a VM-based environment to a platform built on Kubernetes, Linkerd, and other open source technologies, in order to deliver the stability, scalability, and performance needed to provide their platform with a strong foundation going forward.

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