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The service mesh has emerged as a vital building block for supporting cloud-native apps. You might already know what a service mesh is, but how do you choose between all of the options? With Linkerd, Envoy, Istio, Conduit, and more available how are you supposed to know where to start or which one to choose?

George Miranda (Buoyant: Linkerd & Conduit) and Christian Posta (Red Hat: Istio) team up in this webinar to co-present an objective look at how to navigate options in the service mesh ecosystem. In this webinar you’ll learn what questions you should be asking yourself to decide what’s right for you.

  • Useful tips on how to get started evaluating options
  • A deep look at the differences between Linkerd, Envoy, Istio, Conduit, and others
  • Design philosophy & best fit for each project covered