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Multi-cluster failover using Linkerd

Thursday, July 14 9 PST | 12 pm EST | 6 pm CET

Failover across clusters is a great way to improve the overall uptime and reliability of Kubernetes applications. While whole-cluster failover can be accomplished at the global ingress layer, failing over individual services is a little more difficult. During this session, Linkerd maintainer Eliza Weisman will walk you through how to use Linkerd, the CNCF graduated service mesh, to enable traffic failover for individual services across clusters. Attendees will learn how to combine service mesh metrics, traffic shifting, and cross-cluster communication in a cohesive and automated way using purely open-source while preserving fundamental security guarantees such as mutual TLS.

What you'll get out of this

  • Enabling traffic failover for individual services across clusters

  • Combine service mesh metrics, traffic shifting, and cross-cluster communication

  • Learn directly from a Linkerd maintainer

Getting ready

For the hands-on portions, it’s important that you arrive prepared. Please have a Kubernetes cluster ready, and the Linkerd CLI version 2.11.0 or above installed on your machine—check out the first few steps of our Linkerd Getting Started Guide if you want some specific instructions on how to do this. (If you don’t want to do the hands-on portion, of course, you are welcome to just listen in. But it won’t be as fun!) Finally, please join the #workshops channel on the Linkerd Slack. We’re going to use Slack instead of the regular Zoom chat for this workshop.


  • Eliza Weisman

    Eliza Weisman, Linkerd Maintainer

    Eliza, a Linkerd maintainer and software engineer at Buoyant, focuses on fast and reliable networking software. She is a contributor to the linkerd2, tokio, and tower open-source projects and the primary maintainer of the Rust tracing library. Eliza lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with two awful cats.