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Open source service mesh infrastructure

Buoyant builds products to help people trust the technology they rely on, by giving everyone the power to build innovative, reliable, and secure software.

The powerful, battle tested service mesh for any platform 

Linkerd is a transparent proxy that adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications. Linkerd is multi-platform, feature rich, production tested, and proven at scale.

Multi-platform support

Linkerd works with Kubernetes, DC/OS, Consul, Docker and other target platforms

Production-grade feature set

With over a trillion requests served, Linkerd provides production-tested controls that support the most complex enterprise use cases

Powerful and flexible

Highly configurable features allow you to compose custom solutions that go far beyond the out-of-the-box benefits

The ultralight, crazy fast service mesh for Kubernetes 

Conduit is a lightweight service mesh designed for performance, power, and ease-of-use when running applications on Kubernetes. It is incredibly fast, fundamentally secure, and easy to get started with.

Blazingly fast and lightweight

With a less than 10mb footprint and sub-millisecond p99 latency, Conduit is designed to be unobtrusive and crazy fast

Fundamentally built for security

From Rust’s memory safety guarantees to TLS by default, Conduit is built to help secure cloud native environments from the ground up

Easy to get started with

Designed with simple and clear components that follow a Zero Config philosophy, it’s easy to get started with Conduit

Enterprise support subscriptions for help when you need it most

As the primary sponsor of Linkerd and Conduit, Buoyant offers enterprise support subscriptions designed to make your journey deploying a service mesh into production safe, simple, and successful.

Help at your fingertips

Get on-call support for incident response, including 24×7 coverage. Buoyant is here to help whenever you need it.

Expert advice on-demand

As the world’s leading authority on running a service mesh in production, Buoyant offers help on a variety of topics ranging from migration advice and best practices to architectural and configuration consulting.

Build the support that’s right for you

Additional professional services are also available so that you can include things like training, workshops, or other customized engagements if you need them.