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Service mesh architecture radicalizes container networking


Don’t let Kubernetes services stall a multi-cloud strategy

Gartner Cool Vendor

Cool Vendors in Application Architecture, Infrastructure and Integration

Kubernetes and microservices: A developers’ movement to make the web faster, stable, and more open

Lessons learned from Monzo’s Kubernetes outage

Bouyant Advances Conduit Service Mesh with Prometheus Integration


Microservices management tools harmonize polyglot chaos

[Podcast] Oliver Gould On Service Mesh, Containers, And Edge

The History of the Service Mesh

Analyst Watch: From monoliths to microservices

Look at stupid, sexy Kubernetes with all the cloud firms hanging off its musclebound arms

DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report

Service Mesh Design with Oliver Gould

Buoyant Releases New Kubernetes Service Mesh “Conduit” Written in Rust and Golang

Kubecon 2017 Pancake Podcast: All About the Service Mesh

As Kubernetes matures, the cloud-native movement turns its attention to the service mesh

Linkerd wins the Bossie Award for best open source, cloud computing software of 2017

Buoyant raises 10.5m series a round as it looks to bring service meshes to the masses

New Silicon Valley perk: paid time off to protest

Twitter veterans’ startup nabs $10.5M to change how applications are wired

Ex-Twitter Engineers Score $10.5M for Cloud Startup Buoyant

Former Twitter engineers land $10.5M for startup Buoyant, leveraging lessons from the ‘fail whale’

VMblog’s Expert Interviews: Buoyant Talks New Cloud Infrastructure Stack Layer

Buoyant Releases Version 1.0 of Their Service Mesh, Linkerd

Linkerd 1.0 helps cloud services communicate

Cloud Native Computing Foundation adds Linkerd as its fifth hosted project

Linkerd 1.0, Prometheus 1.6.1, and Airbnb’s React Sketch

How the Linkerd service mesh can help businesses avoid catastrophic app failure

Open Source Linkerd Project Celebrates First Anniversary in Quest to Become TCP/IP of Microservices

How Twitter’s Fail Whale could save your company

Press Releases

Buoyant Named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Application Architecture, Infrastructure and Integration by Gartner

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- May 21, 2018 – Buoyant, creator of open source service mesh projects…


Buoyant Announces $10.5 Million Series A Financing Led by Benchmark Capital to Accelerate Enterprise Migration to the Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (Globenewswire — July 11, 2017) — Buoyant, the company behind the popular open source Linkerd project and creator of the new “service mesh” category of cloud infrastructure software, today announced the close of $10.5 million in Series A funding.

Open Source Linkerd Project Celebrates First Anniversary in Quest to Become the TCP/IP of Microservices

Linkerd adoption accelerates -- serving over 100 billion production requests in companies around the world…


Buoyant Releases Version 1.0 of Linkerd as Adoption Soars Among Startups and Enterprises

Linkerd’s service mesh technology delivers “TCP/IP for microservices,” making it possible for companies small and…


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